We can summarize our history in five phases:

Considering phase (2011-2012):

Our eyes were opened to the great need for new Gospel proclaiming churches that engage across cultural divides in the great cities of the world by two things:  Our involvement in the planting of Canada Water Church (http://www.canadawaterchurch.com) in the cosmopolitan and multi-cultural city of London and our exposure to City to City (http://www.redeemercitytocity.com), an organization that recruits, trains, coaches and funds leaders who start gospel movements in cities through church planting.  This made us see our own city in a new light.  God showed us the peace and healing that our country and city is so desperate for and that He wants to give through communities that cross cultural boundaries and are yet united in their faith in Jesus and their eagerness to work out the implications of the Gospel together.

 Preparing phase (2013):

We started sharing the vision and dream of planting such a church community with the support of the Reformed Church Randburg (www.gkrandburg.org.za) and as more people got excited about the possibility we organized ourselves into a core group of about 15 and a launch team of 5 people.  Thomas and Erna (the teaching pastor and his wife) also got the opportunity to attend the 5 week International Intensive Church planter training of City to City in New York.  (http://www.redeemercitytocity.com/training#intensive)

 Gathering phase (2014):

In this year we focused on honing our vision, thinking through and planning for our core ministries, growing the core group and starting life groups that met regularly. 

Launching phase (2015):

We launched Cross Culture Church in February 2015, meeting every second Sunday for corporate worship and every other Sunday in smaller life groups.  By September 2015 we started meeting every Sunday for corporate worship with an average attendance of 25-30 people. We organised into 3 life groups where in smaller groups our members share their daily experiences and we consider the practical application of the Gospel in our city lives.

Growth phase (2016 onwards):

Our focus since 2016 were on growth:  Growth in love for God and one another and also growth in numbers.  Our hearts yearn to invite more and more sceptic, unconvinced, doubting and de-churched people into our diverse community through loving serving friendship relationships.  Our hope remains that people, who connect with us, will see our Lord and Saviour, Jesus in us and have a personal encounter with Him.     

Our Beliefs

We are rooted firmly in the reformed tradition and are therefore committed to the following historical confessions:

General Confessions – Click here for more info

The Apostles’ Creed

The Nicene Creed

The Athanasian Creed

Specific Confessions – Click here for more info

The Heidelberg Catechism

The Belgic Confession

The Cannons of Dort – Click here for more info

We also acknowledge the Westminster Standards, common among Presbyterian churches, being:

Westminster Confession of Faith (1646)

Westminster Shorter Catechism (1649)

Westminster Larger Catechism (1649)

We believe the following 5 pillars and 5 points of Reformed Theology gets to the core of these confessions:


Scripture Alone – Christ Alone – Grace Alone –  Faith Alone – Glory to God Alone


Total Depravity – Unconditional Election – Limited Atonement – Irresistible Grace – Perseverance of the Saints


Teaching Elder  –  Thomas Dreyer

Thomas is married to Erna and they have been living in Johannesburg for the last 12 years, co-pastoring Reformed Church Randburg (RCR) (http://www.gkrandburg.org.za ). They have been blessed with a daughter, Jawé, who is 13 years old and a boy, Martin-Johan who is 4.  They met 22 years ago, during their B.Com studies at the University of Pretoria. 

Upon completion of his B.Com degree, however, Thomas felt called to full-time ministry and went to the North-West University (Potchefstroom campus) to study Theology.  They married in 2001, while Thomas was still studying and Erna was teaching to keep food on the table.  They were presented with the opportunity to go to London, after Thomas finished his M.Th. in pastoral studies, where they stayed for a year and a half.  Here they became involved in a ministry for South Africans in London, which would later grow into Canada Water Church (http://www.canadawaterchurch.com), and sparked their interest in church planting. 

Upon returning from London, they ministered in the small town of Vryheid in Kwazulu-Natal, South-Africa for two years. In 2007 the hearts God gave them for the city, made them accept a call to RCR with the responsibility for pastoring young single and newlyweds as well as the “evangelism and outreach-ministries” of the RCR.  This last responsibility led to the planting of Cross Culture Church.  

Teaching Elder  –  Brian McLean
I grew up in Cape Town and was raised in the Methodist Church. Through the faithful (and passionate) ministry of my Sunday School teachers I came to “give my heart to the Lord”. In reality, conversion is not a single event, but a life-long journey of becoming like Jesus, and that has, by His grace, been my experience.
In 2010 the desire to move towards a more full-time ministry lead me to begin theological studies. Here I was convinced that the Reformed faith is a genuine reflection of God’s truth revealed in the Scriptures. This too is a journey that has taken my whole family deeper into the work that the Lord is laying before us. My wife, Tanya, and I are eager to see Christians grow in maturity and churches grow in depth of real knowledge of their God and Saviour, Jesus Christ, the Head of His Body, the Church.
It is my hope that I will be increasingly useful in the Lord’s Kingdom. Our sincerest desire for CCC is that we grow together as a true community of saints in Jesus and carry His gospel into the world around us.
Ruling Elder: Chris de Vries

For Chris and his wife, Ilze, whom he met at a church retreat in 1999, the church community has always been a vital part of their lives.

They started their married life in 2003 in Nelspruit, South Africa, where they lead a Bible study group for young adults and Chris served as treasurer of the deacons’ court.  A three-year stint in London, UK, opened their eyes to the brokenness of a completely secular society, but also to the richness of worshipping Christ with believers from different cultures.  Chris and Ilze were involved in the planting of Canada Water Church in London, while Chris also served as treasurer of the London City Presbyterian Church. 

Returning to South Africa in 2008, they joined the Reformed Church Randburg (RCR) in Johannesburg and soon founded a Bible study group for adults with small children.  Chris has served as elder and deacon at RCR since 2009 as well as the coordinator of RCR’s church plant service group which led to the planting of Cross Culture Church.  Chris and Ilze juggle the demands of raising kids (Riekelt, aged 12 and Elsje, aged 10) and church planting with professional careers as chartered accountants.