In our last newsletter, we shared the exciting news of the decision of the church council of RC Randburg to allow me to focus fully on leading CCC to a self-sustaining Church.

What do we mean when we speak about a self-sustaining Church? Please take a look at this grid to help answer this question.

You will hopefully see in the first column that we think of ourselves as an adolescent church. This means that
• in terms of people resources, we are still a small core group,
• that we are still very reliant on help from outside when it comes to financial resources,
• that we are supply-driven in terms of ministry activities, and
• that we are still in terms of our church governance under the supervision of our mother Church, GKR.

Over the next couple of years, we want to grow into a self-sustaining congregation, which will mean that we will have an invested congregation, able to support itself, able to better respond to ministry needs in our community and become a GKSA congregation in its own right.

We’ve set ourselves some clear targets in all four of these areas that need to be reached in order for us to reach the goal. We’ve also broken it down to some practical action steps, with clear target dates and we are glad to say that we are well on track!

One of the highlights so far was starting a new Missional Community for young adults who meets midweek. This was the fruit of a very blessed Christianity Explored course in which the Holy Spirit so captured the hearts of some of the attendees through the Gospel of Mark. that they did not want it to end.

Another highlight of the last month was our very first membership class over four Sunday evenings. It was well attended and we got some very good feedback. The fruit of this is that we will be adding some members to our community at the next communion.

We are also very excited about our fundraising campaign that launching very soon! It has 3 legs:
Congregational: Growing the internal giving!
Ecumenical: Connecting with church-planting funders and congregations locally and abroad for support.
Missional: Enabling friends and family to take part in our calling through their financial support.

Keep an eye on your inbox or your WhatsApp for more info, coming soon!

I can share a lot more, but I know that your time is precious, so let me save some more good news for the next newsletter!

Please don’t stop praying for us!!!

Greetings in Jesus’s Name