How far will a Hero go? Phil 2:1-13

How far will a Hero go?


A faithful answer to a serious attack – Daniel 3

The Devil’s plan.  The Devil’s age old question. The believers answer. God’s promise. 


A Hero to save us from disaster – Isaiah 1:1-20

Sin will destroy us; Self-righteous religion won’t fix us. God has promised to save us by Redeemer.
-Tragic Desolation
-Toxic Deception
-True Declaration

The Hero King who brings courage to fearful people – 1 Sam 17:1-11, 22-27, 32-52

3 Points Pastor Thomas looks at in this sermon. 1) No courage. 2) False courage. 3) True Courage.

Fallen kings looking to the Hero King who heals

Numbers 21:4-9 and John 3:7-10, 14-15

We look at their sickness and our sickness. We have to prepare our hearts for medicine.The best medicine comes from the Hero. Take the medicine from his hand.

The Flawed Priest: When your heroes melt under pressure

Exodus 32:1-10, 19-26

It starts with false-faith , it produces false-worship , it results in God’s anger.
Which is why we need a Great High Priest

Holding out for the Hero – A fallen king

Genesis 4:1-15

The destructive, secretive nature of sin. The gentleness of God’s grace. Our desperate need for a Saviour Hero who is larger than life!