The Shattered Silence of Being Turned Inside Out – Luke 2:21-40

Meeting this Child, Who brings the light of salvation to His waiting people, will turn you inside out.

1. The Child Who Brings Salvation 2. Looking for Salvation 3. The Light of Salvation 4. The Cost of Salvation 5. Speaking of Salvation. 

Let joyful worship shatter the silent fear – Luke 2:1-20

If we are honest friends, fear is very much part of our lives. We suppress this, we try to silence the fear, but our world is filled with fear! It’s always there, and if it’s not properly dealt with it will remain there, always lurking underneath he surface. The good news of the gospel, of this passage is that there is a way out: The silent fear can be shattered by joyful worship in response to a baby’s, or should I say: THEE BABY’s cry. JESUS came to put an end to all FEAR! Let me show you how: He entered our fear filled world (v 1-7) He came to address our deepest fear, the root of all fears! (v 8-9) So, FEAR not, rather listen, hear, look and rejoice, WORSHIP! (10-20)

Hope that shatters silent enmity and guides our feet into the way of peace – Luke 1:57-79

The peace we can’t live without – The peace we do not naturally want

The peace Jesus brings by shattering the silent enmity between us and God and leading us in his way of peace.

The Hope-filled servants speak into the silence – Luke 1:39-56

The Hope-filled servants speak into the silence – The Hope-filled ones have joy in God – The Hope-filled ones know God as their God – The Hope-filled ones trust God implicitly – The Hope-filled ones see God at Work – The Hope-filled servant cannot remain silent!

Hope Shatters the boring Silence and unavoidable disappointment – Luke 1:26-38 

We think through Mary’s * life-giving statement of faith (v38) which is the result of * the GOSPEL shattering the boring silence and the unavoidable disappointment of life without God at the center! (v 26-37) and we * ask the Holy Spirit to restore and renew our servant hearts!

God Turns Hearts – Luke 1:1-25

Hope shatters the silence: God Turns Hearts 1. A long silence 2. A sudden appearance 3. A joyful restoration