How to remain faithful to our core mission! – 2 Tim 1:1-17


Who does not need encouragement en tough times. Even the Apostle Paul did. In the letters to Timothy he is encouraging this young pastor and his congregation in Ephesus. Through this specific passage, 2 Tim 1:1-17 he’s encouraging us to remain faithful to our main calling as God’s church by remembering * The Gospel and its profound effect on the future of our world(v 1-18) * Our calling and the role God would have us play in the fulfillment of his glorious plan (v 6-9a). * And that we are not alone: We have good examples of faithful believers those who have gone before us and those walking with us and we have the Holy Spirit! (v 5, v 12, v 16-18, v 7)

How abiding in Jesus turn selfish sinners into fruitful, loving, servants! John 15:1-17


The image Jesus introduces in verse 1-3: I am the vine, you are the branches 

The core command in verse 4-5:  Abide in Me

The consequences of obedience vs disobedience to this command in verse 6-8:
Cut of and burned or pruned to bear fruit

Obedience in practice in verse 9-17: We abide in Him by together choosing life rhythms allowing us to:
Abide in his love
Let his Word abide in us
Prayerfully sharing all of our life and desires and needs with him
Learn about the joy of obeying his commandments, with LOVE for each other at its core
Live as God’s chosen servant friends

Slaves of Christ – Romans 6:15-23

Two kinds of slave v15 to 16
One True Freedom v17 to 19
Two kinds of result v20 to 23   

United as a new family in Jesus’s dining room –

Mark 14 12-16,22-25


We are Cross Centred Servants on Mission to our Culture as a Church Family.

We saw in the previous 2 sermons that this calling flow form Jesus’s calling!  He was the ultimate Servant on Mission to the WORLD to start a new family!  We are the result of his ministry! 
If you still have any doubts about Jesus’s mission, let’s look at the passage and the meal Jesus are having here in Mark 14 with his disciples which we regularly share with one another!

Let’s look at

The Old Testament roots of this meal in the Passover meal
How Jesus confirms with this meal that he calls believers into a new family.
How this new family is like any other family bound together by blood – HIS BLOOD
How the only proper response is to invest myself into this family.

A family of servants on His mission – Luke 5:1-11; 27-32

He calls people (sinners) to Himself (5:1-11; 27-28; 30-32)
He calls people to be his servants (v 11, v 28)
He calls people to take part in his mission (v 10)
He calls us to do all of this as a family (v 29-32)


God’s plan to restore his world – Luke 4:14-30

His family must become our family. His servant heart, our hearts.His mission, our mission!