God uses times like these, Corona Virus times, to call us to repentance! – Luke 13:1-9

When the people in our text come to tel Jesus about an upsetting event he does not comfort them, but calls them to repent! That’s hard isn’t it? And yet it’s so important! Why is Jesus doing this? Why this call to repentance for them and for us? Friends, in his love and grace he’s confronting us with: Our messed up, sinful, broken way of looking at this world and our place in it! (v 1-2,4) He makes a clear, urgent and yet very hopeful call upon our lives in (v 3, 5) And finally He gives as a hopeful image a parable that confirms also the urgency of his call (v 6-9)

Our faithful God answers our suffering with mercies that is new every morning! Lamentations 3:1-33

The Holy Spirit shows us a:

A very unique perspective on suffering

The unique source of power, hope amidst suffering we have as believers

The unique outcome of suffering for believers

And the unique practical action we can and need to take in times like the one we are entering now with Covid-19 and all its consequences.